Flash will get flashier – storage trends for 2019

A summary of HPE’s storage predictions to help you build your IT strategy.

14 Mar 18Author: FutureSight

Managing IT storage and storage budgets is a notoriously difficult task, driven by dramatic data growth, unpredictable business demands and fast evolving technology. Yet it’s still necessary for IT to develop a strategy for storage that’s fit for the future. This might include replacing aging datacentre infrastructure, incorporating AI into the storage stack, and revisiting data protection to create storage that’s predictive, timeless, and cloud-ready to support data growth, mobility and business flexibility.

One focus topic to pay attention to is flash storage. This transformative technology is enabling organizations of all sizes to replace spinning disk with SSDs, enabling greater performance, energy savings, reduced footprint and simpler management. HPE identifies an exciting crop of new technologies to consider, including integrated data protection, storage federation/automation, policy-based provisioning and public cloud integration, all based on flash foundations.

HPE also sees AI gaining significant traction in the data centre, where harnessing the power of big data analytics will be a key differentiator delivering measurable business impact for customers.

According to HPE, AI can radically simplify operations and automate complex manual tasks. They therefore recommend the incorporation of AI within storage purchasing decisions this year.

Read more about HPE’s storage predictions to strategize around for the coming years.

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