Will machine learning change everything?

2018 will be the year that AI really gains market traction – so what will that mean for the everyday consumer?

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28 Mar 18Author: FutureSight

The arrival of AI has been a talking point for many decades, written about extensively in popular novels and at the heart of many a sci-fi movie. Finally the technology is catching up, and whilst we aren’t yet going to be talking to thinking computer-generated personalities, our computers are beginning to learn and think for themselves.

2018 will be the year that AI really gains market traction, with machine learning solutions such as HPE InfoSight and neural networking technologies providing actual case study material. This traction will bring renewed investment levels to further accelerate development and deployment.

The transport industry is in the vanguard of AI development, from self-driving vehicles to crewless ships and AI controlled planes that maximise efficiency, avoid human error and circumvent the emerging pilot shortage.

The challenges facing AI projects are significant. Machine learning applications are a first step in AI, so whilst they are good at predictive tasks they’re limited in their ability to see and resolve the wider context of an issue. AI is not a plug-and-play business model. Achieving success in this area takes strong planning, a substantial budget, achievable objectives and a top-down commitment to success.

Take a more detailed look at some predictions for AI and machine learning in 2018.

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